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651-272-5455 I Forest Lake, MN

Fuel Injection Service

AudiFuelAt American Imports, we are committed to providing the highest standard of fuel system. We offer more than the can of detergent sold in auto parts stores and poured into the gas tank. We offer effective fuel system cleaning service to thoroughly and efficiently clean the injection and intake system on your vehicle.

Our fuel injection service is a high-pressure system that pushes a concentrated cleaning solvent into the fuel system. This two-step process is intended to thoroughly clean the fuel system to ensure that your vehicle is running as it should. The cleaning solvent is pushed through the fuel lines, fuel rails and injectors.

During the next step in the process, another cleaning solvent is applied using a high-pressure sprayer. This step is designed to push the cleaning solvent through the throttle body, intake manifold and onto the intake valves to ensure thorough cleaning.

There are several advantages to our system, better gas mileage and improved vehicle performance. For most vehicles, this service should be provided every 24,000 miles. For information about the schedule for your particular vehicle, you can check the owner’s manual and contact us to speak with a service advisor.

Please browse our website to read more about the services that we provide for vehicle owners in Forest Lake, MN, White Bear Lake, MN, and surrounding areas. To schedule an appointment for fuel system cleaning service or any other vehicle service, please contact us.

Always consult your owners manual or ask our service advisor for service recommendations.