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Tire Mounting & Balancing


Are your tires worn? American Imports offers tires and wheel balance service for our customers in Forest Lake, MN, White Bear Lake, MN, and surrounding communities. When you need new tires, tire inspection, or wheel balancing, we offer quality service from trained and experienced professionals.

Many people are not aware that the insides of vehicle tires tend to wear faster than the outside of the tire. Often, when you just check the outside, it can appear that the tires are fine when they are actually worn and need to be replaced. This can cause an unsafe driving situation, so it is important to check your tires carefully or have them checked.

At American Imports, we provide inspection of the condition of your tires and inflation free of charge, so you can rest assured that you are driving on safe tires. When the time comes for new tires, there are several reasons to come to us over the quick tire places that are always advertising cheap tires. Often, the process is rushed and damage could be done or the person putting on the tires may not torque the wheels down properly. We use state of the art equipment and hand torque all wheels to ensure the best service for the safety of our customers.

Please take a few moments to read more about the services we provide in Forest Lake, MN and White Bear Lake, MN, and contact us to schedule tire balance service or other auto maintenance service for your vehicle.